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ENIVD – Europäisches Netzwerk zur Diagnostik von importierten Viruserkrankungen (bis 2016)

Logo ENIVDDas Robert Koch-Institut koordiniert seit 1995 das Europäische Netzwerk zur Diagnostik von "importierten" Viruserkrankungen (European Network for the Diagnostics of "Imported" Viral Diseases - ENIVD).


EMIS – The European MSM Internet survey (bis 2015)

Logo mit dunklen Händen auf blauem HintergrundThe European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS) is a joint project of academic, governmental, non-governmental, and online media partners from 35 European (EU and neighbouring) countries to inform interventions for a group highly affected by infections with HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs): gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM).


Ja-EHLEIS – Joint Action European Health and Life Expectancy Information System (bis 2014)

Logo of EHLEIS - European Health and Life Expectancy Information SystemThe JA EHLEIS will contribute directly to the objectives of the Second Programme of Community Action in the Field of Health 2008-2013 and to the first partnership of Innovation Union, which focuses on active and healthy ageing.


EQuATOX – Establishment of Quality Assurances for the Detection of Biological Toxins of Potential Bioterrorism Risk (bis 2014)

Logo of the EQuATox projectEQuATox will create a network of experts among EU 27 and associated countries, focussing on biological toxins and integrating experts from the security, verification, health and food sector.


QUANDHIP – Quality Assurance Exercises and Networking on the Detection of Highly Infectious Pathogens (bis 2014)

QUANDHIP-LogoThe project was directed at ensuring and improving citizens´ health security and bridging Security and Health by improving the laboratory diagnostic capabilities of appointed European laboratories to detect high consequence pathogens in situations arising from natural outbreaks and deliberate or accidental release.


REACT – Response to Emerging infectious disease (bis 2013)

Logo of the react projectIn the past the EU coordinated response to communicable diseases has experienced major challenges. Differences in public health preparedness and response have repeatedly been seen within the EU, which are difficult to explain to the EU citizens and result in delayed public health interventions. The project focuses on areas of generic response which are crucial for the international cooperation on prevention of international spread of infectious diseases, and where the necessity of an European effort to develop a common basis for action have been identified.


EHES – Joint Action European Health Examination Survey (bis 2012)

Logo of EHES - Measuring the Health of EuropeansEuropean Health Examination Survey (EHES) is an initiative to set up a system of standardized, representative health examination surveys (HES) of the adult population of the European countries. Health examination surveys include questionnaire(s) as well as physical measurements, such as blood pressure, and collection of biological samples such as blood or urine. In the background is a demand by countries and the European Commission for evidence about the health and health risks of the population.


ENHPB – European Network for Highly Pathogenic Bacteria (bis 2011)

Logo European Network for Highly Pathogenic Bacteria (ENHPB)The ENHPB is a European-wide laboratory network for the diagnostic of highly pathogenic bacteria which has been set up in the course of the EQADeBa project (“Establishment of Quality Assurances for Detection of Highly Pathogenic Bacteria of Potential Bioterrorism Risk“), funded by the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC Agreement n° 2007 204). EQADeBa was coordinated by the RKI and ran for 3 years from May 2008 until July 2011. The project has been carried out in cooperation with 23 partners from 21 European countries.








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