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European Public Health Conference (01.12.2018)The German national Burden of Disease study BURDEN 2020

Elena von der Lippe, Robert Koch Institute
Alexander Rommel, Robert Koch Institute
Dietrich Plaß, German Environment Agency
Helmut Schröder, Scientific Institute of the AOK
Thomas Ziese, Robert Koch Institute


The Global Burden of Disease study gives an overview of the comparative loss of health due to diseases, injuries and risks that help health systems to be improved and disparities to be eliminated. The study provides important information for international comparisons, but finds limited acceptance among national stakeholders. The Robert Koch Institute in Germany has initiated the project BURDEN 2020 that aims to merge a broad range of fragmented data in order to test the assessment of burden of disease measures on sub national level.


BURDEN 2020 is funded by the Innovation Fund and is a project of the Robert Koch Institute in cooperation with the Scientific Institute of the AOK and the German Environment Agency. The first questions to be addressed refer to the data to be used, the selection of the diseases to be assessed and the degree of regionalisation of the results. Furthermore, additional methodological aspects such as the redistribution of ill-defined deaths or the weighting of diseases (disability weights) will be discussed.


In addition to statistics on causes of death, survey and examination data, accounting data of the statutory health insurances and environment-related data are used. First results on the extent of misclassifications of causes of death will be shown and possible solutions will be examined. In addition, challenges in the selection of diseases, their definition in statutory health insurances accounting data and their regional differentiation are discussed. Final results are expected to be published in 2021.


There is a great need in Germany for comprehensive and comparable information on the burden of disease. BURDEN 2020 aims to provide a regionalised and methodologically transparent basis for health policy decision-making and planning processes. It will form the starting point for future routine health reporting that address the specific needs in Germany.

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