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National Advisory Committee Blood

The National Advisory Committee Blood is an advisory board as laid out in §24 of the Transfusion Law to advise the federal government in matters of safety on the yield and application of blood and blood products. The main office of the National Advisory Committee Blood is located at the RKI. Members of the National Advisory Committee Blood include representatives of the German Federal Chamber of Physicians (Bundesärztekammer, BÄK), the German Red Cross, the Medical Council of Federal and Communal Blood Transfusion Services (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Ärzte staatlicher und kommunaler Bluttransfusionsdienste), the Federal Ministry of Defence, the relevant scientific societies, the pharmaceutical industries, the controlling institutions in the federal states as well as associations of haemophiliacs who have to use blood products on a regular basis. In addition, the Federal Ministry for Health and Social Security as the supervisory authority, the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices as well as the Paul Ehrlich-Institute are represented as permanent members in the National Advisory Committee Blood.

Some statements of the National Advisory Committee Blood are provided in English, additional National Advisory Committee Blood information is provided on the German pages.

Announcements of the National Advisory Committee ‘Blood’ (Arbeitskreis Blut) of the German Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security

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V 42

Revision of the recommendations made in Votum 34 and 35 concerning look-back procedures (According to Paragraph 19 of the Transfusion Act) from 14 June, 2006 with regard to hepatitis B infections

Date of issue March 5, 2013PDF (31KB)

V 42 Appendix B1

Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) – Assay diagram for Look-Back Procedure

Date of issue March 5, 2013PDF (19KB)

V 42 Appendix B 2

Hepatitis-B-Virus (HBV) – Laboratory diagnosis to determine the infection status4 of the first blood sample

Date of issue March 5, 2013PDF (20KB)

V 43

Revision to Votum 16 ”Minimum requirements for microbiological testing of blood components for transfusion “

Date of issue March 5, 2013PDF (43KB)

S 8

Statement regarding the risk of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) transmission by plasma derivatives from human plasma

Date of issue April 3, 2009PDF (50KB)

V 41

Use of a Standardized Questionnaire for Blood and Plasma Donors

Date of issue June 9, 2010PDF (11KB)

V 40

Maintaining the Supply of Blood in an Influenza Pandemic

Date of issue February 18, 2009PDF (14KB)

V 39

Measures to prevent Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI)

Date of issue January 9, 2009PDF (16KB)

V 38 Supplement

Reduction of septicemia risk in the use of thrombocyte concentrates

Date of issue June 9, 2008PDF (80KB)

V 38

Specification for the Length of Thrombocyte Concentrate Shelf Life with the Aim of Reducing Life-Threatening Septic Transfusion Reactions Caused by Bacterial Contamination

Date of issue June 9, 2008PDF (13KB)