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International offering for the management of biological threats

Overview of international measures and projects for continuing education in connection with biological threats.

AMBIT (Advanced Management of Biological Threats) - Seminar for medical management of biological threatsContent: International training workshop for the preparation in respect of bioterrorist events and / or biological threats (see also Further information)
for: Rescuers, medical staff, public health service
e-mail IBBS
Diagnostics of ricin from aqueous solutions (international ring test)Content: Quality assurance measures – qualitative and quantitative detection of ricin including comparison of methods
for: Expert laboratories from GHSAG member countries as well as OPCW designed laboratories
e-mail ZBS3
Electron microscopy pathogen diagnostics (basic course)Content: Laboratory course to learn the fundamentals for electron microscopy pathogen diagnostics (negative staining technique)
for: Technical staff (technical assistants, laboratory assistants), medical practitioners, biologists
e-mail ZBS4
ENIVD (European Network for Diagnostics of "Imported" Viral Diseases)– Diagnostics of viral diseases Content: International ring tests, seminars etc within the framework of ENIVD (see also Further information)
for: Partners and members of the co-operation
e-mail ZBS1
EUPHEM (European Public Health Microbiology Training Programme) – Postgraduate training for public health microbiologyContent: Two-year continuing education in the field of public health microbiology management, including laboratory tests, epidemiological investigations, management in view of biological security, quality management and research (see also Further information)
for: Microbiologists or graduates from allied disciplines with professional experience
e-mail ZBS1
EQA-EMV (External Quality Assurance Scheme in Electron Microscopy Virus Diagnostics) - Ring test electron microscopic virus diagnostics Content: Sending of inactivated and blinded virus suspensions for diagnostics by electron microscopy, implementation once a year
for: All microscopy experts who wish to train their skills in EM virus diagnostics
e-mail ZBS4
Molecular diagnostics of smallpox viruses (seminar)Content: Laboratory course for the diagnosis of smallpox viruses
for: Laboratory and diagnostically interested institutions
e-mail ZBS1
QUANDHIP (Quality Assurance Exercises and Networking on the Detection of Highly Infectious Pathogens) – Laboratory diagnostics of highly pathogenic bacteriaContent: Quality assurance of the diagnostics of highly pathogenic bacteria and issues of laboratory security within the framework of the EU project (QUANDHIP, EAHC Agreement 2010 21 02)
for: Partner of the project, also by agreement
e-mail ZBS2

Date: 01.10.2011