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Junior Research Groups

Junior Research Groups were set up for the first time at the Robert Koch Institute in 1999. They are oriented towards the research tasks of the Institute. For the Robert Koch Institute they represent a possibility to react flexibly to current topics. With the Junior Research Groups additional prerequisites have been created for the employment of PhD students at the Robert Koch Institute. They also offer young scientists an opportunity to set up their own working groups.

The Junior Research Groups are to cooperate in their scientific work with the Departments and Project Groups at the Robert Koch Institute. The topics of the Groups established so far have been selected accordingly. The research activities are subject to internal control by the Research Council of the Robert Koch Institute and the topics are defined in coordination with the Scientific Advisory Board of the Robert Koch Institute.

At present there are three Junior Research Groups. They are headed by a scientist in charge and elect a new spokesperson every year. The projects are limited to a period of five years.

JRG 1: Microbial Genomics
Project Leader: Torsten Semmler

JRG 2: N.N.

JRG 3: N.N.

JRG 4: Bioinformatics
Project Leader: Dr. Bernhard Renard

JRG 5: Sexually Transmitted Bacterial Pathogens
Project Leader: Dr. Dagmar Heuer

Date: 01.02.2016